Savvidis G. Kyriakos company was founded in 1965 by Savvidis George, and managed from the very first day to get distinguished by the world for its high quality products, the excellent services and the friendly environment. No matter how many years have passed, or how much the size of the Savvidis Kyriakos Ltd company has changed, it’s still guided by high quality and prompt service. On the following pages you find the majority of our products, with detailed descriptions, divided into categories.


For your best service you only have to contact us, so we can get the opportunity to give you solutions that best meet your needs . Best regards, Savvidis Kyriakos


Testing Bed machine
As a company that’s main goal is quality, we have up-to-date testing equipment. The 100tn maximum testing bed machine .
Wire rope transfusion
For the convenience of our customers, we have a machine which enables us to transfer as many meters of wire rope as each customer needs.
Creation & Placement of certification labels
Aiming the high quality and reliability, every product that is produced in our company, is accompanied by CE certificates. Εuropean instructions.
Cutting – Annealing & Shrinking of wire ropes
To better serve the most demanding customers, we have placed a wire rope cutting & shrinking machine in the production area.
Wire rope sling
Perhaps the most important action that a wire rope can take is that of Wire ropes with the diameter of up to 50mm.
Sewing webbing workshop
In the modern sewing workshop, specialized employees process the sling’s measures, giving them the form the customer is looking for.